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  • What does EFL stand for?
    EFL stands for Endeavour Football Leagues, this is our take on a junior Premiership league for various ages in the High Weald area.
  • Can anyone join Endeavour lessons or do you have to be accepted to join the academy?
    Anybody is welcome to join our classes, we have a very open approach at Endeavour and want to give everyone an equal opportunity to be successful in sport.
  • Why should I create a Endeavour account?
    By creating an account with Endeavour you are able to see all of your bookings in one place, check your 1-2-1 lessons, holiday courses and classes. It also makes checking out easier as your detials will be saved to your account.
  • How do I collect badges?
    To start collecting Endeavour badges you will need to create an account. Once you have done this you will be able to view any badges that you have collected during your session at Endeavour.
  • Should I download the Endeavour App?
    Downloading the App will allow you to get notifications from Endeavour and stay completley up to date with all of our new sessions, courses and any important updates.
  • Can I do a lesson from my home?
    Both Ollie & James are happy to travel to your home if you have enough space to allow us to coach our sports.
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