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Meet The Coaches

Ollie Kent

Ollie has been coaching tennis for the past 10 years and a range of different sports for the past 5 years. He currently teaches at at Marlborough House School coaching a variety of sports to all ages. Over this time, he has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching and thoroughly enjoys his job. Ollie is currently LTA Level 3 qualified but is looking to start his LTA Level 4 in 2022. As a coach Ollie enjoys seeing the progress that people make during his sessions and enjoys creating personalised development plans for each individual he teaches. 


James Hockley

James has been a sports coach for over 20 years, with cricket as his specialist sport. James played for Kent County Cricket Club for 8 years and played with some of the world's best players. During his time, he gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge which he now enjoys passing onto the children and players he coaches.


Tristan Killops

Cricket Coach


Sam Hilton

Cricket Coach


Heli Bilney

Tennis Coach


Zandie Howles

Assistant Tennis Coach

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